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ALPAWatch's Ethics Pledge

for Elected Representatives


The Delta

Air Lines Pilots Association Pledge


As a person seeking a position with the organization of the Delta Air Line Pilots Association, I Pledge on my honor that if given an opportunity to serve:



  • I will always, and above all else, keep the best interest of all Delta Pilot’s careers first and foremost in mind when making any and all decisions.


  • I will make the restoration of our contract my first priority.


  • I will not use this position, or any other ALPA position, as a “stepping stone” for any position within Delta Air Lines management or its subsidiaries, nor will I accept such a position for at least 2 years after my service.


  • I will not socialize with members of Delta Management.  All meetings, contacts, events and other required activities will be conducted on an “arm’s length” business level.  I will not accept gifts, be they physical gifts, services, preferential treatment or otherwise from management at anytime, for any reason.


  • I do believe that the possibility of confrontation can be a legitimate aspect of any successful negotiation.


  • I do support Membership Ratification both in policy and in spirit.  Membership Ratification will be used to its greatest extent practical.  Before a vote is taken, I favor the timely distribution of the most accurate, unbiased information available to the membership followed by a suitable time for discussion.


  • I would rather have the respect and trust of the pilot group over friendship from management.


  • When endorsing, nominating, or electing a member for any union position, I will place that candidate’s skills, experience, education, dedication, integrity and sense of fairness to all Delta pilots above any personal or professional relationship I might have with that candidate.


  • I will fly the line.


  • I will not show favoritism to one segment of the pilot group over another.


  • I will be honest.


  • I will not use this position to unjustly enrich myself.


  • I will avoid conflict of interest situations and relationships.


  • When forwarding information to the pilot group, I will be as forthcoming and as factual as possible and always make the greatest effort to remain neutral about the facts.  If I offer my opinion on the facts, I will always make it clear what my opinion is (as a fellow line pilot) and what the facts are, keeping the two separate at all times.  I will not show bias nor intentionally leave out known facts in order to support my personal position.