The Story on the Fall 2006 LEC Elections . The Pledge was presented to all the candidates in the October LEC elections. This is what happened next...

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In October of 2006, LEC Elections were held for Council 20 DTW and Council 55 ANC. All candidates in those elections were presented with The Pledge. The candidates had three choices:

Sign and return the Pledge, refuse to Sign the Pledge, or Ignore the Pledge.

The course of action each took was published on the ALPAWatch web site, Who Signed the Pledge.

ALPAWatch congratulates the new Council-elect representatives on their successful campaigns and expresses its gratitude for all those that entered the elections process.  Any pilot willing to do volunteer work on the behalf of the pilot group deserves to be recognized for their contributions.

Why Have an Ethics Pledge?

The Purposes of Proposing An Ethics Pledge to NWA ALPA leadership candidates were these:

(1) Promote better leadership in the union.

(2) Promote better performance from union leaders.

(3) Give the membership additional information about a candidate’s positions and philosophy so they can make a more informed decision on their vote.

(4) Improve the level of trust in NWA ALPA leaders and in doing so, help bring the pilot group back together so we can go forward in a more positive direction with a greater chance of success.

Three candidates signed the Pledge. All three lost the election. So why did only three candidates sign The Pledge and why did they all loose?

There is no way to know for sure, but the overriding factor had to be a lack of awareness. A lack of awareness of ALPAWatch. The web site only had about 200 visits during the election period. The low number of visits is the fault of the IMWC.

ALPAWatch and the ALPAWatch Web Site did not come into existence until about the same time as the elections. There was not enough time to get the word out. The release of ALPAWatch was premature. Although not totally prepared to be released, it was decided to go ahead so as to take advantage of a rare LEC election cycle. Bottom line with only about 200 visits, the Pledge, who signed and who did not sign the Pledge probably had little or no effect on the elections. Had most of the pilots voting in those elections been aware of ALPAWatch, most feel it would have had an important impact on the election.

This round of elections are over but the debate about the need for ethics within NWA ALPA is just beginning.  Several candidates not signing the pledge did however mention the topic of ethics or the ALPAWatch Pledge in their campaigns.  Future public discussion about the need for an ethics pledge within NWA ALPA will certainly include the fact that no current members thus far have been willing to sign an ethics pledge.  That may not sit well with the pilot group.  What do you think? Send a comment. ALPAWatch intends to pursue this issue in future elections if not before. Also, expect future leadership candidates to be presented with a questionnaire covering many topics. Their responses to those questionnaires will be published here.

What topics would you like to see candidates for leadership positions answer? Send a comment.



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