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June 18, 2010

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Please take the MEC Survey Today  

Your Next Contract Starts Now


You need to take the current Delta MEC web-based survey and encourage others to do the same.  The deadline has been extended to June 30th but do it today. (Survey is available at  Login and look on the right side of the home page for the “WEB SURVEY AVAILABLE!” icon.)

This survey is about our next contract.  To the MEC’s credit, planning for the next contract (amendable date December 31, 2012) is already underway.  What is not obvious is that this survey is your chance to voice your expectations for that contact.  It is important that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The survey was due to close on June 15th, but after only about 20% participated, the deadline was extended to June 30th (Delta MEC Alert, June 15, 2010).  20% is appalling.   ALPAWatch would have said something sooner about this survey if we had any idea so few were participating.

We realize that many of you may have already taken the survey, but if not go to  and take the survey.  You can do it in 5 minutes but give it the time you need to be thoughtful and responsible with your input.

Also, to help improve survey participation, ALPAWatch is asking you to forward this Newsletter to your fellow Delta pilots.

A really low participation rate for this survey will dim the expectations for the next contract.  Expect a series of ALPAWatch Newsletters that will explain why this survey was so important, why it is not too soon to be concerned about the next contract, and what you need to start doing if you expect improvements to our next contract.

Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch.  With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.