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June 23, 2015

In this Issue...

  • The  Tentative Agreement vote
  • Links to Pro and Con papers

In Upcoming Issues...

  • The Back Story on this TA

The C2015 Tentative Agreement Vote


The objective of this ALPAWatch Newsletter is to provide fair, unbiased information to help you cast an informed vote.

ALPAWatch is not making a YES or NO recommendation.  We don’t have access to any factual information that isn't available to you.  We do have information about how the TA came about, but that has nothing to do with the facts of the TA.

Each of you must come to your own conclusion based on the merits of what is in front you.  To help, we have brought the most creditable arguments to you, here in one easy to use location.

Please look at this information carefully, and cast an informed vote! Voting, FOR or AGAINST, without understanding the details of the TA is reckless. It would be the same as taking off without checking the weather.

The MEC did not endorse or recommend this TA, it simply approved submitting it to the pilots for a vote, MEMRAT.

The relevant language for the C2015 TA was the same as it was for the C2012 TA Resolution.

"THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Delta MEC approves submitting this tentative agreement reached with Delta Air Lines for membership ratification, and"

This vote was 11-8.

Spend some time, whatever time it takes before you Vote. Hey, it just your career. And unless you are very,very close to retirement (about the only reasonable excuse to sit this one out), you need to take a position and cast a vote.

We don't recommend anyone voting without being completely informed. But if for some reason you just don't have the time, at a minimum...

...and you are considering a YES vote, make sure you have read:

...and you are considering a NO vote, make sure you have read:


The Pros and Cons
To give you one stop shopping of the pros and cons we are providing links to existing papers.

The Pro papers are mostly represented by MEC publications.  They qualify as pro papers because the papers include a strong endorsement for a vote in favor of ratification. You have access to these and more, such as videos and other publications through alpa.org, but for convenience we made bulk of the information available here.

The Con papers are mostly from LEC reps that voted NO on the TA and some other sources we found to be accurate and fair.

We found some to be a balanced analysis. Others to be more Pro or Con. The organization of the table reflects such.

The links below will be updated as necessary up until the close of voting.


Balanced Pro and Con


Negotiator's Notepad Overview

Contract 2015 Roadshow Slide Presentation

Council 20 (DTW)Update (A deep dive, most comprehensive of all the Con documents)

Negotiator's Notepad Scope

Negotiator's Notepad Compensation

Council 108 (CVG) Update (part 1)

Negotiator's Notepad Sick Leave

Negotiator's Notepad Work Rules


Council 108 (CVG) Update (part 2)

Negotiator's Notepad Work Vacation and Training **  
Negotiator's Notepad Other PWA Sections **  
Negotiator's Notepad FAQs **  

C44 (ATL) Updates **

Alternative Path - Focus on Management Response

Untitled Post from Facebook (Well written, thought provoking, concise, factual)

Master Concession List (Bullet points on the Deficiencies of this TA)

Why Richard is Afraid of You (An informed opinion paper written by a former LEC Comm CH, P2P, etc.)

C2015 Tentative Agreement






** Recent Updates (Last update 06/26/2015)

Road Show Schedule

Voting Deadline is July 10th! alpa.org to vote

Please study this information carefully and cast an informed vote!

If you change your mind, you can change your vote.  Only your last vote (that day)counts.



Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch.  With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.