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June 19, 2012

In this Issue...

  • The  Tentative agreement vote
  • Links to Pro and Con papers

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  • The Back Story on this TA

The C2012 Tentative Agreement Vote


The objective of this ALPAWatch Newsletter is to provide fair, unbiased information to help you cast an informed vote.

ALPAWatch is not making a YES or NO recommendation.  We don’t have any better factual information than you do.  We do have information about how the TA came about, but that has nothing to do with the facts of the TA.  We will save that for another ALPAWatch Newsletter, after the vote.

Each of you must come to your own conclusion based on the merits of what is in front you.  To help we have brought the most creditable arguments to you, here in one easy to use location.

Please look at this information carefully, and cast an informed vote!


The Pros and Cons
To give you the best presentation of the pros and cons we are providing links to existing papers.

The pro papers are best represented by the Negotiators Notepads that have been published by the MEC.  The Notepads are factual but also qualify as pro papers because the papers include a strong endorsement for a vote in favor of ratification. You have access to these through, but just in case we made them available here.

The 4 con papers are from the 5 LEC reps that voted NO on the TA (the vote was 14-5).  While there are many more NO vote papers out there, these 4 come from the most credible sources and cover the contrary points presented in most of the vote NO papers. 

The Pros are listed in the order they published.

The Cons are listed in order of most useful (ALPAWatch opinion).  First is the Council 54 (SEA) Vice-Chairman’s evaluation which goes into the most detail.  Next is the Council 20 (DTW) Chairman’s evaluation which does a good job grading the TA, section by section, and near the end are his overall reasons for voting NO.

The links below will be updated as necessary up until the close of voting.




Negotiators' Notepad 12-04 -- Contract 2012 - Compensation

C54 Vice Chairman’s TA Evaluation

Negotiators' Notepad 12-06 -- Contract 2012 – Vacation, Training, and Sick Leave

C20 Chairman's TA Evaluation


Negotiators' Notepad 12-07 -- Contract 2012 – LOA #11 - Pilot Retiree Medical Account (RMA) Program

C20 Vice-Chairman's TA Evaluation

Negotiators' Notepad 12-08 -- Contract 2012 – Work Rules

C1 Chairman and Vice-Chairman's TA Evaluation

Negotiators' Notepad 12-09 -- Contract 2012 11 Retirement and Insurance

** June 22 DAL Council 20 Update, Q & A

Negotiators' Notepad 12-10 -- Contract 2012 - Other PWA Sections


A84993 DAL Pilot's Contract Comparison 060712


Negotiators' Notepad 12-11 -- Contract 2012 – Frequently Asked Questions


Negotiators' Notepad 12-12 -- Contract 2012 – Implementation Schedule


Tentative Agreement 2012


Touch & Gos 12-05 -- The Rationale of the Block Hour Ratio.pdf  
** Negotiators' Notepad 12-13 -- Contract 2012 – Rumor, Innuendo and Misrepresentations.pdf


** Recent Updates

Please study this information carefully and cast an informed vote!

If you change your mind, you can change your vote.  Only your last vote counts.



Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch.  With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.