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August 10, 2013

In this Issue...

The 2013 LEC Elections  

Plain English Explaination of LEC Election Process


The 2013 LEC Elections are In Progress


It’s never been easier to Vote!

 If you are in Councils…

CIN C108

you need to vote.  Nominations start this month.


This is Important People!


It is up to you to dig through it all candidates’ material, read between the lines and cast an informed vote. If you cannot tell the difference between candidates or don't understand their campaign letter, CALL THEM! The Candidates Contact Information is usually in their Campaign letters, but if you need help, email us

These elections are not (or at least should not be) just a popularity contest. The pilots you elect have a drastic affect on your career, good and bad. You must educate yourselves on the candidates. Look beneath the surface. Call them. Do whatever you have to in order to Cast an Informed Vote.
Voting is done via Ballot Point at


How LEC Elections work…
Explained in Plain English

The Process

The Phases of the LEC Elections are:

  • A Nomination Phase (Blank Ballot, you Write-in names of pilots.  For lost ballots or to change your vote, dial 1-888-FLY-ALPA, ext. 3)
  • An Election Phase (Electronic Ballot, you vote via “Ballot Point” for the top two Candidates from the Nomination Phase)
  • Election Certification (Usually same day election ends and usually conducted at an LEC meeting)
  • Post Election Phase.  You vote for LEC Officers (You are deciding which newly elected LEC Representative will be the LEC Chairman and LEC Vice-Chairman . Again, you vote via “Ballot Point”)
  • AllLEC terms begin in March and run for 3 years.

First is the Nomination process.  This is a Write-In process.  A blank ballot is sent to each member (in good standing) of the Councils up for election.  Pilots usually campaign for Nomination by sending out campaign letters, usually in the form of an email (and/or company mail box stuffing) and usually through the ALPA National email system, which facilitates the process in accordance with ALPA By-Laws.

There are 3 LEC positions, Captain, FO and SEC/Treas.  A pilot must be a Captain to run for Captain Representative and an FO to run for First Officer Representative.  Any pilot can run for Sec/Treas.  All pilots in good standing are eligible to (and should) vote for a CA, FO and a Sec/Treas. (see Exception for C44 ATL below)  For example, line pilots that are Captains don’t just vote for the Captain Rep, they vote for all three positions.

The two pilots receiving the most write-ins for each position win the Nomination.  Those two pilot’s names then appear on the electronic ballot (Ballot Point) for the actual election.

For the Election phase, a simple majority vote wins the election.

Another vote is then taken for LEC Officers.  This election is between the newly elected CA Rep. and FO Rep. and will determine who will be the LEC Chairman and LEC Vice-Chairman.  The Secretary/Treasurer is not part of this process.   Again you will vote on this electronically via Ballot Point.  Usually the Captain Representative ends up being the LEC Chairman and the FO Representative becomes the LEC Vice-Chairman.

Exception:  Council 44 ATL (due to its large size) has 2 Captain Representatives and 2 First Officer Representatives. The LEC Officer elections choose the LEC Chairman and LEC Vice-Chairman and the Sec/Treas.  The forth rep is simply referred to as a Captain or First Officer Rep, as appropriate.


Each Council has the latitude to vary somewhat on the election timeline (deadlines for nominations and elections).  See Timelines for your Council’s specific dates and deadlines.

These Elections are important to your career.  Understand the process, research the candidates and…

Cast an Informed Vote!
If you ignore this process, you have no right to complain about your elected LEC.


Background (MEC and LEC 101)

ALPA is made up of Councils and are referred to as Council ##.  A Council is a base + an airline, Ex: ATL + DAL = ALPA Council 44.

A Council is governed by an LEC (Local Executive Council), which means a Captain Representative, a First Officer Representative and a Secretary/Treasurer.

Exception:  Council 44 ATL is a big base and as such it needs 2 Captain Representatives and 2 First Officer Representatives.

The LEC Officer elections choose the LEC Chairman and LEC Vice-Chairman.  The Sec/Treas. is chosen by the direct elections.

 Exception:  Council 44 ATL Elects 2 Ca reps and 2 FO reps.  Then LEC Officer Elections choose the LEC Chairman and LEC Vice-Chairman and the Sec/Treas.  The forth rep is simply referred to as a Captain or First Officer Rep, as appropriate.

Side note:  The MEC (Master Executive Council) is made up of all the LEC Representatives, plus the MEC Officers (MEC Chairman, MEC Vice-Chairman and MEC Secretary/Treasurer, all 3 of which are elected by the LEC reps) of an airline.  Therefore each airline has its own MEC.

ALPA is designed to be a bottom up organization.  You elect local representatives (LEC); they elect a leadership team (MEC Officers).  The LEC Reps work for you, the pilot.  The MEC carries out the instructions from the LECs.

LEC Representatives serve 3 year terms beginning in March.  LEC elections occur in the fall so as to create and overlapping transition period for the incoming and outgoing Reps.  Which Councils come up for election and in what years is determined by an ALPA National schedule.  This schedule stagers the Councils up for election so that all the councils in an MEC (airline) do not come up at the same time in any given year.


Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch.  With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.