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November 30, 2009

2009 LEC Election Update

 Councils 44 (ATL) and 81 (SLC) elections are complete.

The results of C44 and C81 elections are posted on the ALPAWatch 2009 Candidates Page. C44 and C81 are now in the 3rd Phase, Electing LEC Officers. (Click here for an explanation of those elections) Contact your newly elected Representatives, congratulate them, and thank them for offering to serve. They will be seated March 2010.

ALPAWatch takes this opportunity to congratulate these new Representatives.

Council 20 (DTW) elections are underway (different timeline).

The C20 elections are in progress with a voting deadline of Dec. 10th. Please cast an informed vote! Low voter turnout is an embarrassment to all of us and weakens our union. Those of you who like to complain about ALPA, here is your most important opportunity to make you voices heard and make a difference.

Already voted? Good for you! Did you cast an Informed Vote?

If you don't know who to vote for or you usually don't vote, we have compiled all of the candidate's campaign letters on the 2009 Candidates Page. This provides you a tool to "Shop and Compare". Additionally, you will find the ALPAWatch 2009 Election Questionnaire (Example of Questionnaire) that we asked the candidates to fill out about the issues, their platforms and general background questions. Their responses are posted on the 2009 Candidates Page, in the same column with their campaign letters. Look for ALPAWatch Questionnaire. Response Recd. 21NOV. Some of the responses we got this year were exceptional. We encourage you to read all of them, even if you have already voted. You may change your vote, if desired, until the deadline.

We made a "mid course correction" with regard of the 2009 Election Questionnaire. For the first time, we put an early Deadline for submissions, in this case Nov. 21st as suggested by one of the candidates. The concern was that a candidate answering the Questionnaire early might be giving his/her opponent an advantage in how to answer later. We agreed, so we added a deadline and published all the candidates' responses (that did respond) at once, on Nov. 22nd.

If you still don't feel you can Cast an Informed Vote, call the candidates. The pilots you elect have a drastic and immediate effect on your career, good and bad. You must educate yourselves on the candidates. Look beneath the surface. Do whatever you have to in order to Cast an Informed Vote!

Balloting Instructions
• Votes can be cast at after you sign in with the standard ALPA# and password. A ballot option will appear on the right side of the main page.


Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch.  With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.