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ALPAWatch Mission and Objectives




Our Mission


  ALPAWatch is a Grassroots organization of DAL ALPA pilots, performing a number of activities for the express purpose of helping to ensure that the Mission of DAL ALPA,

"To reverse the decline, stabilize and improve the pay, working conditions, retirement, benefits and job security of the Delta Pilots; to always be mindful of Safety and Security," is upheld and by doing so; begin to regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.





  • Encouraging and assisting the most skilled, dedicated, honorable, qualified and visionary members to be elected to union positions.


  • Provide line pilots with a unbiased, independent account of Union Leadership activities.


  • Monitoring union leadership activities.


  • Collect and refer ideas, survey data and suggestions from the membership to the elected leadership.


  • Encourage leadership action on issues important to the membership.


  • Improve the general functionality of the union so that it is more effective in dealing with environments that are adverse to the Mission of DAL ALPA.


  • Help ensure that the actions of the leadership result in conditions that are fair and equal to all members.  


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