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Who Are the Pilots Behind ALPAWatch?

Who is paying for all this?

Brief History of ALPAWatch

What does ALPAWatch want the pilots to do?

What Is ALPAWatch?

I want out of ALPA. Why not just start a new Union?



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Who Are the Pilots Behind ALPAWatch?

In 2006 Kevin Jones DTW A330 FO started it with the idea of an Ethics Pledge for the Leadership  and the rest followed.  Kevin has a background in business, an intense sense of fairness and a dedicated desire to help repair the damage that has been done to our careers.

Since the beginning of this effort, many other pilots have volunteered to help from time to time.  The names are always changing. They come and go as they balance the demands of job, family, life's demands and their desire to improve the careers of their fellow pilots. One of the most demanding jobs we always have trouble filling is having an ALPAWatch representative present at all LEC and MEC meetings. Few can find the time to make such a commitment. Almost everyone can help with another important task, promoting ALPAWatch to other pilots. Promoting ALPAWatch means telling them a little about it, like someone did for you, and then asking them to check it out by visiting this website and subscribing to the ALPAWatch Newsletter. Word-of-mouth is still our best promotional tool.

So, it isn't a fixed group.  Any and all are welcome. We need the help on all levels.  Those that work for ALPAWatch on the deepest level must agree to put your seniority, position, prior affiliations, and personal agendas aside.  Your actions must result in positive changes and conditions that are fair and equal to all DAL pilots.  You can have no ambitions for ALPA elected office or company management.


Who is paying for all this?

Kevin has paid for almost all of it. He felt strongly about the need for an independent over site organization, so he paid for it. To get started, he did receive some donated software and computer server time. Those donations came from friends of Kevin's (outside the industry) that are sympathetic to what has happened to the airline pilot profession. He asked them for help and they came through.

Now other volunteers are starting to share some costs. Printing and some telephone costs so far. ALPAWatch currently has no budget or income, so the pilots that volunteer give not only their time but also absorb the costs as well.

We have been offered money several times by several pilots. We have not accepted any money because:

1. No one asked us to do this. Our idea, our expense.

2. Pilots already pay dues. They shouldn't have to pay anything extra to get the career they deserve.


If we do accept some contributions in the future, those contributions will have to come with no strings attached. We would not accept any single, large contribution. Also, the donors will have to agree to have their names and the amount of their contributions published on this website. To retain our independence and integrity, we will keep everything out in the open.

Brief History of ALPAWatch

How it all started

ALPAWatch began in the summer of 2006 with the development of an Ethics Pledge.  The idea at that time was to create an ethics pledge and use that pledge to help elect the best persons possible in the upcoming LEC elections.

The Pledge was developed with the assistance of dozens of line pilots (and outside-the-industry opinions on ethics) and was then presented to all candidates in those elections.  The ALPAWatch Website was launched at the same time.  The website included a page that displayed which candidates signed the Ethics Pledge and which ones did not sign.  The idea was to elect the best candidates possible to help lead us out of these awful times.   Because the elections came before we anticipated and the complexity of this project was greater than imagined, there was not time to promote ALPAWatch…so hardly anyone saw the website.  Consequently, the Pledge, who signed and who did not had little or no effect on the election.

ALPAWatch realized that to have success, a promotion campaign about ALPAWatch would be necessary.  That promotion campaign has been going on ever since.  The fact that you are reading this is evidence of that campaign.  The more pilots that are aware of ALPAWatch and understand what it is designed to accomplish, the more objectives will realize.  Those original objectives included making certain that the Leadership of NWA ALPA performed its primary responsibility of honoring the Mission Statement.

To reflect the merger, our Mission Statement has been updated to:

ALPAWatch is a Grassroots organization of DAL ALPA pilots, performing a number of activities for the express purpose of helping to ensure that the Mission of DAL ALPA,

"To serve and lead the Delta pilots. To engage anywhere necessary to address opportunities and threats; always protecting and advancing Delta pilot careers, pay, working conditions, benefits and job security. ," is upheld and by doing so; begin to regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.


ALPAWatch was re-launched in early March, 2007.  When it re-launched, it did so with more content on the website, a greater plan for achieving its goals, and more support.  Since that re-launch, the number of website visits has climbed steadily as have the number of pilots that have signed up for the ALPAWatch Newsletter. Clearly, the Idea of ALPAWatch was being accepted by the pilot group as not only a good idea, but something we should have had a long time ago. Most of the feedback has been very positive. The most chronic negative comments have centered around "Who is behind ALPAWatch?" With this updated page, we have answered that question. One issue that does threaten to keep ALPAWatch from being as effective as it can be is pilot apathy.

What does ALPAWatch want the pilots to do?

Subscribe to the ALPAWatch Newsletter. This is our primary way of keeping you informed. The more pilots there are getting the Newsletter the more effective ALPAWatch will be when it comes to effecting the direction of our union. Click here to sign up.

We try to do the heavy lifting for you and keep things as simple as possible. Everyone is working too many days and too many hours, so we are only asking for a little of your time. However, all the efforts of ALPAWatch will not matter unless it has the participation of the pilot group. Participation means Subscribing to and reading the ALPAWatch Newsletter, and from time to time contacting your elected reps.

ALPAWatch is here to organize the will of the membership, not direct it. Its mission is to see that the will of membership is known to the leadership and in turn the leadership respects that will.

If you want to know more about the workings of ALPAWatch, click on “What is ALPAWatch?”

ALPAWatch is here equally for all of you, every DAL Pilot. It is an open organization that has no hidden agenda. It is not affiliated with any other splinter groups, web site groups, etc. It is independent of ALPA. The pilots that work to bring you ALPAWatch vary from day to day. They are volunteers in the greatest sense. What they all have in common are the ideas that this Union can work well if we have strong leadership that will work selflessly to do the will of the membership. They all believe that the needs of the group out weigh personal needs. No one working on ALPAWatch has any ambition to hold an elected position in DAL ALPA or a DAL Management position.

ALPAWatch operates on a set of strong principles.  Those principles include fairness for all the pilots on the DAL Seniority List, intellectual honesty, and a belief that the Pilots know what is best for them.  That said, it follows that the Leadership of DAL ALPA should follow the will of the Membership.

What is our Final Objective?

To become unnecessary. To work our way out of a job. When this union functions as it should, as it once did, ALPAWatch will have done its job and will no longer be necessary. How long that will take remains to be seen. Our commitment to you is that we will remain dedicated to this cause until the job is complete.

I want out of ALPA. Why not just start a new Union?

When a group of pilots sat down and started ALPAWatch, we did a top down assessment of what should happen to restore our profession, our contract, our careers and our dignity.  The question of whether to start a new union or not was at the top of that discussion.  It was quickly pointed out that the same union that gave away 30+ years of contract improvements is the same union that got those improvements in the first place.  So, what meaning can we take from that fact?  It means that this union worked very well for this pilot group in the past and there is no reason it cannot do so again in the future.  However, for DAL ALPA to produce the successes in the future that it has enjoyed in the past, a couple of things must be put into place.  The union must have good leaders.  The pilot group must have good reasons to believe, trust and follow those leaders.  The pilot group must give the leadership direction.  Securing strong leadership, holding that leadership responsible and ensuring group unity are the first crucial steps, the foundation or repairing the damage.

Starting over with a new union will take years. During those years, little or nothing will improve. And, after several years of work we could be no better off. If the new union was dominated by the same attitudes and behaviors as the old (likely because those with ALPA political experience would be the ones most likely to gravitate to the new union), it would operate much the same as what we have now. The problem is not what alphabetic letters we used to define our union but the behavior of the leadership and to some extent, the membership. The fundamental structure of ALPA is sound. Its deficiencies lie in the leadership, more specifically the attitudes and behaviors of the leadership, the culture if you will. Change the culture and you change the behavior. Change the behavior and you have the opportunity to make past successes tomorrows realities.

The membership must take back this union. They need to clearly define what is and is not acceptable behavior from the leadership, clearly define what acceptable and unacceptable conduct is, and then hold the leadership accountable. Only then can the membership define what direction and what results it expects from this union and have any confidence in achieving those expectations. ALPAWatch was created to give the membership the organization and tools it needs to do just that. All it needs is your participation.