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Introduction to Delta

Multiple Issues on one subject
C2015 TA2
  • C2015 TA2
  • MEC elections
  • ALPAWatch, Going Forward
C2015 Failed TA
  • How the TA failed (as opposed to why) and, perhaps the bigger story, the changes in DALPA representation that followed, through recalls, resignations and elections, as a result of the TA failure.
C2015 Tentative Agreement
  • C2015 TA vote and Pro Con web page
MEC Chairman Recall
  • The Recall of Chairman Roberts and Subsequent Election of Captain Donatelli
2013 LEC Elections
  • The 2013 LEC Elections are In Progress
Contract C2012
  • Group III LEC Elections
  • C2012, The Back Story.
  • The C2012 Tentative Agreement Vote
  • Contract Time is Here.  Is the MEC up to the Task?
  • DPA’s Future.  Is Contract 2012 a Referendum on Delta ALPA?
  • How are contract Negotiations Going?
  • NWA Grievance goes forward
  • The ALPAWatch Goal
Mid-Contract Pay Rate Increases
  • ALPAWatch Think Tank Paper The Way It Has To Be Part 5 of 5
  • ALPAWatch Think Tank Paper The Way It Has To Be Part 4 of 5
  • ALPAWatch Think Tank Paper The Way It Has To Be Part 3 of 5
  • ALPAWatch Think Tank Paper The Way It Has To Be Part 2 of 5
  • ALPAWatch Unveils a Think Tank Paper on Pilot Pay, How it Affects the Pilot Profession and What to do About It
  • 4th Q 2010 MEC Meeting report and ALPAWatch announces a plan for Mid-Contract Pay Rate Increases
2010 LEC Elections
  • Attention Councils 54 SEA, 66 NYC, 74 MEM
MEC Survey
  • Your next Contract starts Now
MEC 1Q Meeting 2010 Report
  • ALPAWatch Reports on the first Meeting of the new Delta MEC
2009 LEC Elections
  • 2009 LEC Election Update
  • One-Stop-Shopping for the LEC ELections. C20 DTW, C44 ATL, C81 SLC.
  • Single Seniority List
General Update
  • ALPAWatch balances readership between Former NWA and Pre-Merger Delta Pilots
  • Duty Rigs Grievance (FNP's)
Post Merger and Transition
  • Introduction to Delta
MSP Council 1 Elections 2008
  • Don't Forget to Vote. These Elections do Matter
  • ALPAWatch adds Candidates Election Letters to website
  • ALPAWatch asks the Candidates the tough questions of the day. See their responses.
  • Please vote. This is important to your future
  • Also available are Campaign letters the Candidates made available
General Update
  • Welcome New Subscribers
  • ALPAWatch in the News
  • What’s Going on with the Merger
  • Talking to the News Media
  • Inappropriate Messages
  • 5% Goodwill Resolution Withdrawn
  • 1st Quarter MEC Meetings

Merger Issues

  • What in the world is going on within the MEC at this critical time?
  • SLI Update, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Voting on the JCBA
  • Your Career is at Risk. Support Resolution #8-41
  • Please Write Capt. Prater. Ask him not to sign DAL LOA #19
  • Merger Update. ALPAWatch supports the NWA MEC.
  • Special MEC Meeting has corrected the need to call and email your Union leaders.
  • A Critical Call to Action! Call your LEC Representative and the MEC Chairman Today
  • Merger. Friend or foe. Handled properly it could be a big boost to both airlines, but signs of trouble are already here.


Goodwill Resolution

  • 5% Goodwill Resolution withdrawn. Legal hurdles lead to withdrawing the resolution and starting fresh.
  • The 5% Goodwill Resolution, Update. What Happened at the MEC Meeting
  • The 5% Goodwill Resolution Passes the DTW LEC
  • The 5% Goodwill Resolution, the Foundation for Contract Repair
  • SEA and MEM LEC Election Update
MEC Meetings Reports October '07
  • October MEC Meetings Report, Part 4 The Political Divide Explained
  • October MEC Meetings Report, Part 3 The Elections
  • October MEC Meetings Report, Part 2 The Speech
  • October MEC Meetings Report, Part 1
  • Coming Soon! Reports on the October 2007 MEC Meetings
  • Survey Results Release..."Are We Divided?"
  • Update on MEC Elections
  • The Fall 2007 NWA ALPA Elections
  • What’s Going on with the Targeted DC Plan?
  • Who is suing and why.
  • Fall 2007 NWA ALPA Election-- Backroom Politics at Work?
  • New ALPAWatch Promotional Cards are being Printed.


  • Newsletters Now Available on the Web Site
  • New Hot Topic --The Fall 2007 NWA ALPA Elections
  • Final Update--The “Me Too Clause” and the FA’s. Negotiations. What Happened?
  • We Need Help--A Call For ALPAWatch Volunteers
  • Survey deadline reminders
  • Petition supporting Resolution to Stop NWA ALPA Leaders from accepting Management Jobs
  • The “Me Too” Clause and the FA’s Contract
  • Good News!
  • Keep Promoting ALPAWatch
  • New Survey Released!  Tuesday, May 15th
  • Welcome to the first
    Email Update from ALPAWatch
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